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Visiting Le Lido de Paris

Le Lido is a renowned cabaret theatre in Paris, known for its glamorous and extravagant shows. Located on the Champs-Élysées, it offers dazzling performances featuring talented dancers, singers, and acrobats, accompanied by stunning costumes and elaborate sets.

Le Lido is currently closed. It will reopen in late 2023 with musical theatre productions. Learn more about the other popular cabaret shows in Paris.

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About Le Lido

The Venue

From the glittering chandelier in the foyer to the vast 1,150 seating capacity everything is larger than life. The seating is sumptuous red velvet upholstery and the seating plan is designed to ensure maximum viewing of the stage.

Franco Dragone

The ‘Paris Merveilles’ show was designed by Franco Dragone, most famous for creating the Cirque du Soleil. He is known for including a variety of theatrics, acrobatics, and magic in his show, especially the use of water.

The Bluebell Girls

For over 70 years the Bluebell Girls graced the stage of Lido with their spectacular dancing skills. Pioneered by Margaret Kelly who was known as Miss Bluebell, the troupe is famous for their statuesque figures and lively stage presence.

The Dance & Choreography

The Lido show featured glamorous dancing in the typical cabaret style. The show also featured vaudeville acts like jugglers, acrobats, and magicians. The highlight was the water act where the stage transformed into a pool or a rink.

History of Le Lido de Paris

  • Established in 1946, Le Lido is a legendary cabaret theatre located on the Champs-Élysées in Paris.
  • Originally known for its ice-skating performances, it transitioned to revue shows in the 1950s, showcasing dance, music, and elaborate costumes.
  • The introduction of the Bluebell Girls, a renowned troupe of showgirls, in the 1960s brought international acclaim to Le Lido.
  • Renovated in 1977, the venue incorporated advanced technology and stage machinery, enhancing the visual spectacle of its productions.
  • Le Lido has hosted numerous famous artists and celebrities over the years, further solidifying its status as an iconic Parisian entertainment destination.
  • Today, Le Lido continues to mesmerize audiences with extravagant productions that combine cutting-edge technology, stunning visuals, and captivating performances.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lido de Paris Tickets

Q. Where can I buy Lido de Paris tickets?

A. Lido de Paris tickets are available online and at the venue. Guests are requested to book their slots in advance and purchase their tickets online to enjoy a contactless experience along with amazing deals and discounts.

Q. Are Lido de Paris tickets available online?

A. Yes, Lido de Paris tickets are available online.

Q. Do Lido de Paris tickets include champagne?

A. Yes, there are Lido de Paris tickets that include champagne. 

Q. When do the Lido de Paris gates open before the show?

A. Lido de Paris gates open one hour and fifteen minutes before the show.

Q. When do the Lido de Paris doors close before the show?

A. Lido de Paris doors close 15 minutes before the show.

Q. How late will I be allowed to enter the venue of the Lido de Paris?

A. Lido de Paris doors close 15 minutes before the show. Visitors will not be allowed to enter the venue once the gate is closed.